Renotec has over 10 years of residential construction experience, helping countless homeowners build and renovate their dream homes. Our process begins with getting to know our clients and their vision. One of the first steps for building a house is completing an assessment of your project. We will review what features and design elements are important to you.

This can be done in person or through a virtual meeting. This allows us to begin creating a schedule that reflects your project, timing, and expectations. Next, we will review the scope of work to get a better understanding of your project design and floor plan. We answer your questions and create a plan that will help us build renderings that will move your project forward.

Planning and Design

The home renovation process doesn’t begin without planning. With a design-build partner, you can enjoy the cost savings from having a professional team at your fingertips. We can manage the entire project from start to finish.  The design-build component brings together your design and construction. A proposal is brought forward that includes all the key elements reviewed during the assessment phase of your project. It’s also an opportunity for the builder and client to get to know each other and begin building a working relationship that will see the project to completion. 

At this stage, the project timeline will be finalized and materials will be chosen. You will be able to review the final concept documents, project drawings and 3D renderings. With easy online access, you can view and adjust documents to fit your specifications. This allows us to fine tune your design so it is a true representation of your personality and lifestyle.

Project Management

The home-building steps and timeline are coordinated by your project manager. They are responsible for making sure everything goes according to schedule and is within your budget. Every decision is reviewed and agreed upon through your project manager. 

The project manager will be in constant communication with trades, suppliers, and clients, ensuring that every element of the project is aligned. Changes, adjustments, and material orders are all secured through the project manager.


Your project manager will provide you with a schedule that outlines every step of the construction process.

This is a collaborative experience where trades and suppliers are added to the timeline so you can track exactly how your project is progressing.

Daily Logs

We keep an account of how your project is moving forward with daily logs and progress photos.

We share these resources with you daily, so you always know the status of the construction or renovation project.


We understand how valuable your time is so we provide you with all the documentation in easy-to-understand PDFs, 3D renderings, and other reference tools, so you can have everything at your fingertips.

We also invite our clients to use our messaging tools and reach out at any time with any questions or concerns.

Job Costs

We understand that your budget is a defining element in your construction project. We provide cost updates and breakdowns regularly, so you can be sure your project is within your budget.

We also make notes and provide photos, so you can make any changes or adjustments to your budgeted materials or finishes with confidence.

Site Visits

One of the most important steps of construction is meeting with you during the build. We encourage you to visit your construction project regularly.

We are proud to show off the efforts of our trades and craftspeople. Not only that, but we believe in exceeding your expectations to ensure that your build aligns with your vision.