Bathroom Renovation Cost Guide

Bathroom renovation budgets can vary because the price mainly depends on the type of materials you’re using. Here’s an in-depth look at what bathroom contractors are currently charging in the GTA:

Bathroom Renovations Costs in Toronto

ProjectAverage PriceLower EndHigher End
Toilet Installation$1,000$100$14,000
Faucet Installation$500$140$2,000
Bathtub Installation$2,000$550$5,500
Sink Installation$500$140$2,000
Tile Installation$5,000$400$28,000
Shower Installation$7,000$20,000+
Full Bathroom Renovation$14,000$8,000$30,000+

Kitchen Renovation Cost Guide

Whether you have a condo or house, a kitchen has to be comfortable, beautiful and most importantly, functional. You need a kitchen that’s built to last and improve your home’s resale value. That all starts with picking the perfect kitchen contractor in the GTA. Here’s a look at some pricing guides for kitchen renovations in Toronto:

Kitchen Renovations Costs in Toronto

ProjectAverage PriceLower EndHigher End
Counter Installation$3,900$600$10,000
Backsplash Installation$2,700$150$50,000+
Kitchen Wall Painting$2,200$300$8,000
Cabinet Installation$2,000$450$10,500
Cabinet Refacing$8,000$1,400$24,000
Kitchen Flooring$7,000$1,000$1,500
Appliance Installation$1,300$500$5,500
Full Kitchen Renovation$25,000$8,000$50,000+

Basement Renovation Cost Guide

Prospective buyers love the idea of a home with a fully renovated basement for you to make into an apartment, nanny suite, guest room, theatre room, recreation room and so much more. Hire a contractor who understands your vision and your budget.

Basement Renovations Costs in Toronto

ProjectAverage PriceLower EndHigher End
Basement Kitchen Renovation$7,000$1,000$50,000+
Basement Home Office Renovation$7,200$50,000+
Basement Bathroom Renovation$15,000$9,000$50,000+
Basement Game Room$1,200$5,000
Whole Basement Renovation$30,000$15,000$50,000+

General Contractors Cost Guide

Renotec contractors always provide clients with transparent pricing and an industry-leading warranty on all the work we do for homeowners in the GTA.

General Contractors Costs in Toronto

ProjectCost Variance
Kitchen Renovation Cost$17,000+
Bathroom Renovation Cost$13,000+
Framing$30 – $40 per linear foot
Drywall Installation (Walls)$2.00 – $2.50 per sqft
Drywall Installation (Ceiling)$3.50 per sqft
Taping and Mudding$3 – $4 per sqft of drywall
Flooring (Vinyl, Laminate, and Hardwood)$2.50 – $8.50 per sqft
Flooring (Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles)$15 – $25 sqft
Flooring (Carpet)$8 – $15 per sqft
Flooring (Engineered Wood)$3 – $6 per sqft
Baseboards and Trim$2 – $11 per linear foot materials included
Painting$3.50  – $8.00 per sqft
Electrical (per fixture)$50 – $80
Electrical (per hour)$100
Refinish Existing Stairs$120 – $150 per stair
New Stairs$200 – $250 per stair materials included
Basement Renovation Cost$40 – $100 per sqft
Adding a Bathroom To a Basement$9,000 – $15,000
Building Permit$1,400+

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